Expense management

Get everything from booking to managing expense all at one place with effective cost control.

Track, control & optimise expenses

OnArrival enables booking flights, hotels, cabs, visa, insurance, and automatically capturing expenses, all in one place.


Forget juggling multiple apps and platforms for travel bookings and expense management.

Real-time analytics

Track spending patterns for identifying cost-saving opportunities with analytics.

Flexible spend limit

Maintain expense control with customizable spend limits ensuring compliance.

Policy compliance

Custom compliance with company policies using spend limits & policy enforcement.

Automated processes

Save valuable time, mitigate errors, and streamline operations with automation.

Capture & record

Simply snap a photo of all your receipts or invoices for all expenses in real-time.

Extensible solution

OnArrival simplifies expense management and expedites travel booking, leading to quicker expense reporting.

HR software integration

OnArrival’s expense managment can easily get integrated into your company's existing HRMS system.

Audit and compliance

Automatically identify duplicate receipts, verify exchange rates accurately, and validate every transaction.

Reconciling expense

Verify statement amounts, review unsubmitted expenses, and oversee corporate spending.

View or export reports

Generate reports and analytics analyze travel expenses at both the individual and organizational levels.